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Help Lanthas, the Blue Knight, free the land from evil once and for all!

(Played: 2 825)

Which team will be able to claim victory after the final whistle? Yours, of c...

(Played: 2 201)

Just landing a hit won't cut it. You need to have accuracy and precision in t...

(Played: 2 519)

Pot the ball as fast as possible, or hit the animals for a random bonus.

(Played: 2 282)

Time to save your little friends...or lead them astray!

(Played: 1 846)

It's extermination time for these ugly buggers.

(Played: 2 332)

Your animals friends are stuck on different islands. Rescue them, but beware ...

(Played: 3 713)

Pound the enemy to a pulp on the Pacific front!

(Played: 2 415)

Time for a hamster extermination: the little buggers have turned into havoc-h...

(Played: 2 286)

Race as the famous Chinese GP2 racer on 7 cups. Design your own levels in 3D ...

(Played: 2 327)

This is not normal golf - it's way more fun! Use your skill to kill those pe...

(Played: 2 120)

To make some extra cash, you decide to pick some illegal mexicans to bring ov...

(Played: 3 170)

Stay away from the evil Murziks! Avoid them and collect as many points as pos...

(Played: 1 643)

Undead bunnies Jinx and Minx are stuck in a spooky tower--help them escape th...

(Played: 2 478)

Reaching the bottom in one piece is one thing, but it's something else to act...

(Played: 2 368)

The Ryder Cup is the biggest Tournament in Golf. Europe and the USA battle it...

(Played: 2 056)

Sail as far as you can while you survive through storms.

(Played: 2 393)

What's the rush? There IS a fire!

(Played: 1 986)

Everybody wants a piece of you (well, of your pizza). So, hop on your scooter...

(Played: 1 952)

Its so much easier for Santa to deliver presents... WITH HIS BAZOOKA! Your ma...

(Played: 2 200)

Are you in need of some high-speed, drifting action??

(Played: 2 929)

Raise the racing bar as you ride through an urban jungle!

(Played: 2 704)

Help this slimy but spirited snail make the journey to his sparkling new abode!

(Played: 2 036)

Chatty critters are falling from the sky—and creating wordy chaos!

(Played: 1 779)

Santa's sled must be broken—he's on a scooter this year!

(Played: 1 865)

Tanks are awesome, but who can manouvre these massive metal monsters?

(Played: 2 520)

Make sure your predator the sea lion doesn\'t spot you or its curtains for y...

(Played: 1 826)

Argh, Pirate! Step on board. We have a Treasure Map and you need to help us w...

(Played: 1 699)

Sucka Swing is a game of skill requiring you to swing as far as possible with...

(Played: 1 801)

Take control of a lone soldier abandoned by his army as they flee the all con...

(Played: 2 706)

Hop and hustle for your pretty pink princess!

(Played: 2 303)

Race against time to save a life in this virtual ER!

(Played: 2 946)

Save your fat family—and the entire kingdom—in time for dinner.

(Played: 2 141)

This ain't your grandpa's tractor...

(Played: 1 750)

Challenge your skills in the 4 trials of monster truck madness!

(Played: 2 312)

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