> Crazy Battle

Shoot the enemies to score points.

(Played: 3 430)

A two player game, choose one of three players to fight with and battle it ou...

(Played: 7 313)

Watch the wind, and fire your boats cannon to kill the enemy

(Played: 6 893)

Beat computer in this nice racing game.

(Played: 15 422)

You are a crazy Koala and you like to fly, so what you do? FLY!!!

(Played: 5 818)

It is time to battle on pong arena

(Played: 4 763)

Crazy Cannons is a typical physics cannon launch arcade game with 2D cartoon ...

(Played: 154)

Buy the weapons you like and destroy the enemies approaching your castle.

(Played: 3 677)

It is the battle between cat and dot.

(Played: 3 355)

Pick up students in your taxi and drop them off where they want to go.

(Played: 10 391)

Evil bouncing balls are trying to take over the world, you have to stop them.

(Played: 3 101)

Another crazy adventure of Madpet Animals! Life of the rabbit is in your hands!

(Played: 2 292)

Howdy partner! Those crazy cowboys and gunslingers are takin' over town. We n...

(Played: 4 465)

One crazy penguin is fond of ice-diving. But sometimes he does it wrong. Hel...

(Played: 2 330)

Choose your band members and play Bass Guitar, Drums and Lead Guitar. Press t...

(Played: 2 811)

King Henry VIII is getting married again and to celebrate his wedding to wife...

(Played: 1 729)

Battle your way through Henry VIII’s knights before taking on the King himsel...

(Played: 1 947)

Drive massive Monster Trucks over crazy cool tracks.

(Played: 2 798)

Only the nuttiest of squirrels would dare tackle this crazy obstacle course!

(Played: 3 443)

Wacko game, hit as many animals as possible.

(Played: 1 896)

The Ryder Cup is the biggest Tournament in Golf. Europe and the USA battle it...

(Played: 1 817)

Bazooka Battle 2, Eliminate enemy soldiers, by launching rockets towars their...

(Played: 2 922)

Tackle this upstream kayak battle one trick at a time!

(Played: 1 911)

Help Sonic collect rings and survive 10 crazy levels !

(Played: 2 591)

Conquer the civilization by switching and matching your way through epic batt...

(Played: 2 676)

Battle for control of the galaxy in this space based artillery game.

(Played: 2 582)

Battle the urban jungle with your baseball in hand!

(Played: 2 085)

Prove your guitar skills in this Epic Guitar Battle in the North Pole

(Played: 20 303)

Santa is fighting Obama for Christmas supremacy. Are you Santa or Obama? You ...

(Played: 2 041)

Battle for the Moon! You are pilot of ultimate space fighter!

(Played: 2 293)

Use your hands and weapons to push your opponents off the cliff!

(Played: 2 154)

Harness the physics of engineering to conquer course after treacherous course.

(Played: 2 332)

Mario is once again in the crazy world and lost his way, help him complete th...

(Played: 2 003)

A beat ’em up with RPG elements. Follow the story of a beaver named Bold on a...

(Played: 9 604)

Fast paced isometric racing game. Race round 12 unique tracks against nine ot...

(Played: 9 139)

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