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It's extermination time for these ugly buggers.

(Played: 2 265)

Pound the enemy to a pulp on the Pacific front!

(Played: 2 383)

Time for a hamster extermination: the little buggers have turned into havoc-h...

(Played: 2 255)

Are you in need of some high-speed, drifting action??

(Played: 2 854)

Tanks are awesome, but who can manouvre these massive metal monsters?

(Played: 2 457)

Demolish all of the office buildings with your demolition ball!

(Played: 2 271)

Robots are invading your turf: time to take them out!

(Played: 2 125)

You're a simple country pig—called upon to nuke some nasty aliens!

(Played: 2 149)

Use your hands and weapons to push your opponents off the cliff!

(Played: 2 177)

Mayday! Mayday! Mayday!

(Played: 2 043)

There's more than one way to fry a chicken...

(Played: 2 153)

Join Saeel's quest to rescue the elf princess from hordes of hideous orcs.

(Played: 9 244)

An action game, build buildings, men, repair etc.

(Played: 5 396)

Your are a young cadet, taking part in war games, war zones include jeeps, ta...

(Played: 6 677)

This is one of the Casino games that make use of Poker rules

(Played: 4 464)

Drive your cool BMW and try not to wreck it.

(Played: 14 007)

Play free online games at play-free-e-games, has w

(Played: 2 064)

Using the mouse you must press the switch buttons to switch the DIGIBOT's aro...

(Played: 1 824)

Lamb Chop Drop is a fast action skydiving game where you must control Lamb Ch...

(Played: 2 379)

Partmaster Mini GP is a fast action table top racing game where you get the c...

(Played: 3 401)

Race with Big Birds in 9 different race types!

(Played: 4 081)

Rancho skates through ice and collects diamonds and other precious stones.

(Played: 3 221)

Unrivalled Penguin gore mayhem in this action packed shooter. 15 enemies and ...

(Played: 2 906)

Free Addicting Games Space Command Is reaching the limits of space adventure,...

(Played: 3 131)

A gang of brave, little penguins aspire to conquer the Antarctic ice territor...

(Played: 3 533)

Super doggy needs to use his super powers to save the puppies from the evil L...

(Played: 2 287)

Race with your kart or hovercraft over 8 different tracks in spectacular battles

(Played: 2 697)

Shoot Dino eggs at the bricks to remove them. Create levels and share with fr...

(Played: 1 800)

Jimmy Bananas needs to reach the finish in a spectacular race. There are 8 di...

(Played: 2 327)

Park 15 boats in the correct places and avoid the obstacles; aye aye captain!

(Played: 2 908)

Mission command, are you there? We're transporting the cargo from Point A to ...

(Played: 2 131)

Only the nuttiest of squirrels would dare tackle this crazy obstacle course!

(Played: 3 465)

Try to ace your opponent on this twisted tennis court! Hit the obstacles to b...

(Played: 1 794)

Help Lanthas, the Blue Knight, free the land from evil once and for all!

(Played: 2 791)

Which team will be able to claim victory after the final whistle? Yours, of c...

(Played: 2 146)

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