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  1. Star Fall (92 487 times)
  2. Slingshot Santa (61 168 times)
  3. Eskiv (60 523 times)
  4. Mili and Tary (51 094 times)
  5. Adrenaline (43 651 times)
  6. BMW Racing Game (33 201 times)
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F1 Kart GP F1 Kart GP

(Played: 10,833)

Fire Truck Fire Truck

(Played: 1,836)

Formula Racer Formula Racer

(Played: 2,412)

Freddy Freddy

(Played: 8,589)

Grand Prix Grand Prix

(Played: 7,396)

Grand Prix Go Grand Prix Go

(Played: 8,552)

Happy Bike Happy Bike

(Played: 2,566)

Heels n Wheels Heels n Wheels

(Played: 2,484)

Ho-Pin Tung Racer Ho-Pin Tung Racer

(Played: 2,170)

Ice Age Rampage Ice Age Rampage

(Played: 1,602)

Jet Velocity 3D Jet Velocity 3D

(Played: 2,405)


Just Shut Up & Drive Just Shut Up & Drive

(Played: 7,608)

Kill All Zombies Kill All Zombies

(Played: 3,491)


Killer Cars Killer Cars

(Played: 6,659)

King of Drift King of Drift

(Played: 2,745)

Knight Rider Knight Rider

(Played: 9,392)

LL City Truck LL City Truck

(Played: 2,083)

Mario BMX Mario BMX

(Played: 1,942)

Mental Mouse 2 Mental Mouse 2

(Played: 2,244)

Milk Run Milk Run

(Played: 1,691)

Mini Moto Challenge Mini Moto Challenge

(Played: 2,308)

Mini Nitros Mini Nitros

(Played: 11,835)

Miniclip Rally Miniclip Rally

(Played: 5,754)

Monkey Kart Monkey Kart

(Played: 2,229)

Monster Truck Trials Monster Truck Trials

(Played: 2,166)

Monster Trucks Racing Monster Trucks Racing

(Played: 2,729)

Moon Rider Moon Rider

(Played: 12,652)

Neon Race Neon Race

(Played: 3,335)

New Car Net Racer New Car Net Racer

(Played: 8,477)

OG Racer OG Racer

(Played: 6,089)

Over The Rock Over The Rock

(Played: 2,440)

Park it! Park it!

(Played: 2,221)

Pimp My Sleigh Pimp My Sleigh

(Played: 7,003)

Planet Trucker Planet Trucker

(Played: 2,041)

pursuit pursuit

(Played: 7,476)